10 Years

Of Experience

on Driver Training

About Us

I bring a high level of dedication and passion on Driving Instruction and Road Safety, this ensures that all of my students are offered the very best driver education to be safe and responsible drivers.

“The safe drivers of tomorrow are the well-taught learners of today”

My main motivation and objective is to equip my students with the necessary skills to get the licence as well as be safe drivers.

I have over 10 years of driver training experience in Sydney. I can easily adopted to individual needs such as learning about initial driving, complex driving, City driving, Country road driving, Parking methods, Overseas Licence conversion . . . . etc

I am using a small car (Toyota Corolla Hatchback) for driver training. It’s provide a greater flexibility and the comfort for learner drivers to build up their driving skills stress free.

My teaching style is simple and no stress. I will explain the task, demonstrate and then give the opportunity for the learner driver to practice. “Parallel Reverse Parking” is my farvourite. Easy technique . . . easy parking . . .happy learners